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Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama

Remaking America LA

The Founder/President of the Campaign and Remaking America LA

Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama is an advocacy initiative led by Paul David. Working from Los Angeles, California, the 57-year-old patriot is a former city firefighter and law enforcer. His creation of various humanitarian and mission works expands over 30 years. Paul David is also directing an international campaign to honor President Obama.


“I am honored to have served our country within the Daytona Beach Police Department and as a city firefighter at the Wilmington (Del.) Fire Department. In addition to founding various nonprofit agencies, directing USA Missions, ministry director, theology teacher, pastor, author, singing artist, therapist, songwriter, entrepreneur, college graduate, and master’s degree online studies program in psychology. And most of all, a prophet and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have also served in the campaign of the first and second election of America’s first Africa-America president, Barack Obama. And I am honored to present this eight-year USA and international campaign to honor the greatest president in my lifetime and many millions of others as well. 

This campaign is not simply an American campaign, but a world campaign. Because many of the policies of President Obama impacted nations across our world. As many of you know, President Obama assumed the presidency under extremely difficult and actually during a national crisis that was widespread and diverse. 

It was noted as the second worst financial, social, and humanitarian economic crisis compared by historians only to America’s 1940 Great Depression. And with his usual gifts, vision, intellectual genius understanding, wisdom, humility, and compassion, an economic, political, and social revolution has been birthed, and America has not simply recovered, America has prospered beyond what seems even possible. 

For the past eight years, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have made us proud, excited, hopeful, united, prosperous and an America at peace with itself and its neighbors, a better friend to the world. 

And this campaign is designed to continue many of the remaking American works begin during his presidency and lighting the way of creativity to even new ideals, projects, services, and programs after his presidency into the future.

Building off of President Obama principles of God, family, country. And also joining various post-presidency projects leading up to the President Obama Presidential library and the Barack Obama Foundation and the community works that have already begin by that foundation. 

This website is your website, American website, the world’s website. It is our prayer that you will consider your partnership, project, program, service, and event either within your community, city, state, or country, designed to honor any of the accomplishments during his Presidency, and performing such honor that honors people, that brings honor to a need, a noble cause, an act, a deed, a gift, or some creative projects that make us more like “we are one.” And out of many, became one. 

I believe that was the mission of the Presidency of Barack Obama and should be continued. The campaign projects, programs, services, events, and campaign stores are designed to be established at every campaign location established across America and internationally. It is my belief that the best way to honor President Obama, is to honor those he became president to serve.”

Personal Campaign Number (323) 458-4909

Personal Campaign Email: [email protected]

Senior Campaign Partners and Staff

  • Paul David Warren, Founder/President Remaking America L.A. and Campaign Founder
  • Annie Mayes Wonderful, Junior Founder/Vice President Of Remaking America L.A.
  • Rev. Fred Thompson, Honorary Vice President
  • Louise Okapala, Campaign Africa USA Missions Director
  • Arthur Couturier, Special Assistant to the President
  • Pastor Henry Zackery, Partner
  • Bishop Leon Martin
  • Candy and Dave, Project Directors
  • Traynese Payne, Commercial Media
  • Francis N., Obama Cares Missions
  • Tony, Obama Cares Missions
  • Willie H., Obama Cares Transitional Homes
  • Micheal Warren, Obama Cares Stores
  • Joshua Warren, Obama Cares Security Services

International Staff 

  • Blessing Audquo, Director of Africa Campaign Projects (Ghana and Nigeria)
  • Tecia Ricketts, Administrator of the West Indies Campaign (Jamaica)
  • Okeem Williams, Children/Youth Program Director (Jamaica)

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