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Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama

Remaking America LA

Upcoming Projects

As Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama ventures into more social and political frontiers, we bring our advocacy closer to the hearts of more progressive-thinking Americans. We are based in Los Angeles, California. See the list of our upcoming projects below.

  • Campaign Community Services
    Obama Cares Meals on Wheels Services
    Obama Cares Medical Mission Services
    Let Girls Learn Services
    Obama Cares Child Care Services
    Obama Cares Family Transitional Shelters
    Obama Criminal Justice Services
    Obama Cares Family Deportation Services
    Obama Cares Acts of Kindness Services
  • I Am My Brothers/Sisters Keepers Projects
    I Am My Brothers Keepers Recovery Homes
    I Am My Sisters Keepers Recovery Homes
    Obama Cares Homes for Victims of Violent Crimes
    Obama Cares Senior Living Homes
    Obama Cares Transitional Living
    Honoring President Obama Campaign Homes
  • Obama Cares Compassionate Family Shelters Campaign Projects
    Obama Entrepreneur Centers
    Obama USA Youth Employment Programs
    Obama Criminal Justice Reform Projects
    Obama Community Organizing USA
    We Are One Projects
    President Obama Nobel Peace Prize Zones
    West Coast and East Coast President Obama
    Prayer Breakfasts
    Obama Democracy and Faith Conferences

Campaign Store Sites and Mobile Sites

We plan to open diverse stores across America that will train and hire adults with disabilities, individuals with work-related disability, and seniors with fixed income. We will also provide entrepreneurial training to the youth.

Moreover, the store sites will help those who become unemployed during President Trump’s Administration. These will operate through several industries such as retail, nonprofit agencies, and manufacturers and corporations. Our sponsor’s in-kind donations and financial contributions will go to these projects.

The stores will also serve as social and economic services to specific individuals and communities who experienced natural disasters and international mission stores. These will also aim to reach communities where there’s a high rate of unemployment among African-Americans, Spanish-Americans, women, disabled, and youth at risk.

Campaign Projects

We have created various projects for our eight-year campaign. These programs will be sponsored and paid for by our generous partners, sponsors, and donors. If you would like to support or sponsor our programs, please click the “Donate” button on this page. You may also contact us for further details.

Learn More

Watch out for the special events, programs, projects, souvenir items, and services we provide to help us continue what we are doing for America and its noble citizens. Call us in in Los Angeles, California to learn more about how we can work together to continue Obama’s legacy through hard work and enterprise.

View Our Campaign Stores

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