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Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama

Remaking America LA

What We Do

Be there when Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama launches its services in Los Angeles, California. This is part of our continuing efforts at instilling awareness about the many worthwhile breakthroughs made by the Obama administration. 

Campaign Services


Note: These services are only available currently to Los Angeles residence. It will be extended to other cities were campaign offices are opening soon.

Learn more about our campaign stores below.

Charity Model Stores

  • Homeless to housing store
  • We are one disaster relief stores
  • The Obama cares store for the unemployed

Honors Stores

  • The first responder thank you stores.

Let’s continue championing worthy causes advocated by Obama while he was still in office. By pooling our resources, we can do it via Campaign to Honor President Barack Obama in Los Angeles, California. Currently, we have four model stores that are part of our campaign projects. These are:

  • Give America a Rinse
  • Joining Forces and Day Work Center
  • Obama Cares (for the Unemployed)
  • Special Need Americans

To successfully widen the scope of our cause, we continue to partner with like-minded citizens. Our belief in America and Obama’s legacy is essential to making this country move forward with renewed greatness.

Campaign Projects

We have created various projects for our eight-year campaign. These programs will be sponsored and paid for by our generous partners, sponsors, and donors. If you would like to support or sponsor our programs, please click the “Donate” button on this page. You may also contact us for further details.

Campaign Stores

Campaign Nonprofit Stores

  • Obama Cares Stores for Unemployed
  • Obama Cares Thrift Stores
  • Obama Cares Cafes
  • Obama Cares Special Needs Stores
  • Obama Cares Give America a Rinse Stores
  • Obama Cares Caregivers’ Stores
  • Obama Cares Senior Stores
  • President Obama Legacy Stores
  • Michelle Obama Joining Forces Veterans Stores
  • Obama Cares International Missions Stores
  • President Obama Student Honors Stores
  • I Am My Brothers Keepers Stores

Obama Cares Stores for Unemployed

Before the presidency of Barack Obama, there are more than 20 million individuals who have lost their employment. Aside from that, there are millions of people who lost their retirement pay via investments and those who lost their homes due to the collapse of our banking and mortgage system.

When Obama was elected as president, he led the way in restoring millions of jobs. During that time, we created and opened our first store for the unemployed. The store welcomed the newly unemployed to a once-a-month shopping experience without cost and continued until gainful employment was achieved. Our new stores will focus upon the new unemployed after the presidency of Barack Obama.

Special Need America Stores

President Obama revolutionized services, employment, health care, and job training for people with special needs. He increased their employment in the government by 40% compared to other administrations. 

Our proposed campaign stores will offer training and employment to people with special needs across America.

Obama Cares International Mission Stores

These stores will collect public donations of new or lightly used medical supplies, household goods, disaster relief products, and other humanitarian items. All collected goods are used to aid areas in crisis such as Zenulalea, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Africa, and Cuba. In addition, these stores will sponsor international medical relief outreach programs called "Obama Cares Medical Missions.

Obama Cares Disaster Relief Stores and Services

These stores are designed to provide disaster relief products and services before, during, and after regional and international disasters occur.

Americans Caregiver Stores

These stores will cater to our nation’s 21st-century caregivers who provide compassionate care to a host of individuals recovering from various forms of sicknesses. These stores are an expression of honor and appreciation to their sacrifices for the sake of giving quality care to the people.

President Obama Legacy Mobile Stores

These stores provide employment opportunities through the sale of our Obama legacy products. We will manufacture presidential souvenirs in the countries like America, Cuba, Africa, and Jamaica, where President Obama developed new or expanded partnerships.

I Am My Brothers Keepers Stores

Stores under this campaign provide employment training for limited unemployed inner-city youth with part-time jobs after school, as well as during the weekends and out-of-school holidays. All of these stores depend upon our campaign donors’ gifts listed on the donate pages here on our website.

Joining Forces Veterans Store and Job Center

These stores are designed to serve and honor our veterans.

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Help us grow our campaign by making a donation. All your gifts of love are highly appreciated.

Got Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our campaign stores, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Disaster Relief

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